My name is Molly Brunner.  I am pleased to have this opportunity to share with you a sense of who I am and what I've learned while completing my Master's Degree of Education in Instructional Technology / Library Media.  I started the Master's program in the Fall of 2007 and was fortunate to have obtained a position as a Library Aide at West Geauga High School's Library Media Center at the same time.  Working in the Library Media Center provided me the ideal means to integrate what I was learning in the program and apply it to 'real life' situations.  This experience will be invaluable to me as a pursue a position as a Library Media Specialist in a high school or middle school.
     When I started the IT/LMS program I felt that I entered a new world.  I was hesitant and unsure initially as much of the technology aspect was new to me.  A I didn’t really realize the extent to which I would become enamored with it.  In my Instructional Technology coursework I had opportunities to create a WebQuest, a Wiki, a Web Page, a Podcast, and to write a Blog and found myself loving it all, even the times I’d have to struggle through figuring parts of it out.  It became like an enjoyable puzzle to put together.   I’d find suggestions about how these tools could be used in a classroom and I’d be inspired to implement them to see how the students could become engaged in the learning process.  Then I would find myself thinking about other ways that these tools could be adapted and utilized to assist students in working together to master certain concepts or develop critical thinking skills.  In addition I felt that I learned effective strategies for collaborating with teachers to support their course of instruction.

   Through the Library coursework I learned cataloging skills, the knowledge needed for selecting pertinent reference materials and developing effective search strategies, as well as what’s involved in the day-to-day operation of running a school library media center.  I expanded my knowledge and love of literature for young people and developed ideas for enticing them into the world of books.  I discovered that managing a school library offer the ability to connect with students, to reach out and be of assistance to them, as well as maintaining a well-functioning organized library system.

     In my position as the Library Aide at West Geauga High School my daily tasks involve all that is mentioned above and more, from handling the budget to selecting and purchasing books to educating students about information literacy skills.  In addition, several teachers willingly collaborated with me on integrating technology into the instruction, allowing me to teach the technology tool to the class.  There is no question that I was incredibly fortunate with the wealth of opportunities available to me at my current job that, combined with my varied work background and Master's level coursework, has me confidently prepared for a position as a School Library Media Specialist.  I look forward to carrying out the mission of service to students, helping them to become information literate, curious about learning, appreciative of books, and life-long learners.

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